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Here at Organic Solutions we believe that safe Ingredients equals a safe product. We use NON GMO Ingredients with NO Growth Agents, NO Added Hormones, NO Pesticides, NO Artificial Colors or Fragrances, NO Fragrance Oils, NO Herbicides and NO Preservatives.


“Organic Solutions products have been such a gift to my life! I am extremely sensitive to the chemicals found in most body products but these ones are different. I now enjoy luxurious soaks, detox baths and silky soft skin that is supported and nurtured by these ethically sourced, organic products.  I love the deodorant, messy room spray and the hand sanitizer (which came in so handy when my mom was  battling cancer and we had to be so vigilant about germs.) A little goes a long way with all these products and I know they will be safe for me, my kids, my furry kids and the earth.”

Heather Choy

“Organic Solutions is absolutely amazing! My entire family including my fur babies have been using Rickie’s products for over a year now. My son has brutal eczema and  tried everything you could imagine, and nothing worked....Until I found Rickie! Her baby relief cream works wonders. My son can now wear shorts without scratching his leg until they bleed. Not only do I use it for eczema, I use it on my dogs if they get scratched/hurt. Her miracle scrub set is to die for as well as her deodorant! Body wash is also a must product...I ran out and could not get to OS for a few days so I had to use a Walmart body wash, my body was itchy, and I felt like there was a leftover film on my body after.  I will never run out of that again! It’s also amazing for the lady parts😉😉I can honestly say I have tried almost every product at Organic Solutions & it’s never a letdown. Not to mention it’s all organic and made with ❤️“

Melissa Osbak

“Organic solutions has an absolutely lovely selection of products. A few of my favourites are the foaming hand soap, all purpose cleaner, and my teen age boys can’t live without the Miracle Scrub facial cleanser. Rickie (the owner) is so sweet and so accommodating. She has made me custom products such as a yoga mat cleaning spray for my studio. It works great and smells even more amazing. I would highly recommend any of Organic Solutions products. You will not be disappointed in the quality and usability.”

Natalie Cameron

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“I have been using organic solutions products for years.  I have so many favorite products I can't pick just one! I do however have a favorite scent . Peaceful patchouli 😍Almost every product comes in a variety of scents,  there is a favorite for everyone !! Cleaning products, beauty products and so much more in store .  I should also add that Rickie is totally love-able 🥰”

Donna Benoit

“I started using Rickie’s products about a year and a half ago, in particular, the Miracle scrub and Serum.

It completely saved my skin! I struggled with very painful acne for 5 years. I tried everything from drug store cleansers, to proactive, to forms of birth control, and still, nothing seemed to do the trick.

I’m a bit of a health nut, and I was really fed up and I cared so much about what I was feeding my body, but I was still putting terrible, harsh chemicals onto my skin!

My best friend bought me the miracle set as a Christmas gift. And holy hell, I fell in love.

To have such a natural product, that worked 99% better then anything I tried before blew me away.

Within 1 month, all my acne went away, and my acne scars were almost gone!

I was an avid makeup wearer because I was very self conscious of my skin.

Since using Rickie’s products, I’ve been rocking my natural bare face for over a year now.

Rickie helped me fall in love with my skin, & she does this with so many others as well.

I will always recommend going natural with the products you put in and on your body & I will always recommend Organic Solutions to help in that process!

Rickie has put her whole heart into Organic Solutions, as well as hiring a beautiful young lady with the same passion.

If you want amazing natural products, or even to just have a great conversation with the beautiful ladies who work there.

Go visit Rickie and Josie at Organic Solutions.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Peyton Pickett

“Rickie Bazar, I’ve never meet her, never spoken to her in person. But I can tell you from correspondence between us, she is not only a honest to good to be true human being but she cares about you and everything she stands for with her company. I came to her looking for a solution to my sensitive skin. I have not only bad eczema but will also break out in rashes from certain products. I’ve never gone the organic way before, due to how expensive it was. UNTIL I found Organic Solution by Rickie. Her amazing bum cream (yes, it’s not only for babies) has helped relieve the itch and rash from my eczema. Her sunscreen lotion has protected me from sun burns, and it also feels amazing on my skin (helps that it smell great too.) Her bath bombs, have not only relieved my stress but for once in my life, I can take a bath that’s not only great smelling, but it’s filled with bubbles. And I can go on and on, about all the amazing product I’ve purchased from her. Lip balm, sun screen, facial scrub, deodorant, and why do I keep coming back?? And the reason why I highly recommend Organic solutions, is that with every single product, I’ve never broken out in rashes, the product is to the highest standard and amazing in its affordable price range. Side note: I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I love her products so much, that I’m willing to get it ship out here. Fantastic company but also run by a truly amazing human being.”

Hong Le

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